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Pilates Mat Workout

First exercise is the bridge, so lets pull in those lower abs, making sure your lower back is on the mat then slowly peel the back of the mat pushing your hips up. Start with a few reps with both heels down if you like, and then lets do a couple of reps each side with one heel lifted and finally a last set with both heels lifted.

Second exercise - let's keep the lower back pressed into the mat & lower abs tight as we gently let the knees drop out to the side, bringing the toes together, then lengthen out to the side, toes to ceiling. Do 15-20 reps then bring the heels together & squeeze before lengthening to centre. To progress this exercise, drop your feet half way or all the way down to the mat. You also have the option to lift your head to work those upper abs too.

Next, keeping the legs lifted, drop the knees out to the side (almost like you're holding a beach ball) and slowly lower the leg gently tapping the heel. Alternate sides. Don't forget to pull in those lower abs as you bring the leg back. Again 15- 20 reps, then we are going to lengthen the legs, lift the head & slowly scissors the legs.

Ok, lets bring it onto our front, taking the arms wide, softening into the elbows (holding that beach ball with our arms now) keep looking down to the mat and slowly lift both arms, extended out to the side & down. So now lets work a little more into the glutes too as well as the lower back. Take the knees out to the side, bring the toes together. We are going to lift both the arms and the knees before extending out to the side.

Coming up on to all 4's, hands underneath the shoulders, tummy tight, lets extend the leg up, squeezing into the glutes. Try not to swing your leg but keep it slow and controlled. Next, lets bring our elbows down, just slightly coming forward to engage the core, softening into the leg and push it up to ceiling.

Let's add in that 20 second plank before moving over to the other side :-)

Part 2

Let's bring it up onto the side, knee underneath the hip & extended arm. We are going to start by pulsing the leg up & alternating some reps here with reaching down to touch the foot.

Ok, lets bring it up onto the knees and work those arms! you can do as many reps as you like here, but keep the shoulders relaxed and abs tight!

Working further into the core, we are going to come into a seated position, slightly taking it back so our abs are tight, heels down and arms extended, close to the ears. Slowly bring the knee in and reach down at the same time. Alternate sides.

Last exercise (I promise) back on the mat, making sure your lower back is not arching off the mat. We are going to drop both legs down, drawing a half circle up. You can also do this exercise one leg at a time which is best if you are feeling it more in your back then tummy.

Let's finish by dropping those knees out to the side once more, keeping the bend in the legs, lets drop both legs down, gently tapping the mat & slowly back up.

Well done!

Camille x

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